Czech company offers its latest version of new rocket launcher in the Middle East

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The Czech company Excalibur Army is offering the latest version of its new RM-70 Vampire 4D multiple rocket launcher in the Middle East.

The new RM-70 Vampire 4D multiple rocket launcher, on the chassis Tatra Force 8×8 chassis, was unveiled at International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX 2017) in Abu Dhabi. The Excalibur Army is offering RM-70 Vampire 4D multiple rocket launcher as a replacement for aging  Soviet BM-21 and Czech built RM-70 122-mm multiple rocket launcher.

The RM-70 Vampire 4D is an upgraded variant of the original Czechoslovak Army’s version RM-70 and the heavier variant of the BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher, with a capacity of 80 rounds.

Technical – Tactical data:

  • Weight incl. 80 shells and crew: 25,890 kg
  • Bullet shells mass JROF: 66.35 kg
  • Maximum range: 20,380 m
  • Total area impacted by volley of shells (40 shots): to 70 ha
  • Time of volley of bullet shells firing (40 shoots): 2–30 s
  • Rocket launcher crew: 4 men
  • Rocket launcher length: 9,970 mm
  • Rate of ammunition supply: 40 + 40 bullet shells

Top cruising speed of loaded rocket launcher:

  •  on asphalt roads: 85 km/h
  •  on dirt roads: 35 km/h
  •  in terrain: 25 km/h

The rocket launcher on the chassis Tatra Force 8×8, equipped with a powerful Tatra engine in combination with a Tatra-Norgrensemi automatic gearbox and a four-door cabin with five seats, is a highly mobile vehicle, which can use its speed to change its position after firing the rockets.

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