China unveils new multi-purpose missile system that looks similar to Russian Kornet-EM

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The Chinese military company has unveiled new multi-purpose anti-tank guided missile system. The new multi-purpose missile system consists of a cross-country YJ2080 (4×4) chassis with a fully protected cab with automatic launcher for Siber-ER missiles.

Is designed to engage existing and future combat tanks protected by explosive reactive armor, light armored vehicles, fortifications, surface low-speed air targets (helicopters, UAVs, assault aircrafts) by day and at night in adverse weather conditions as well as in optical and radio jamming environment.

The chassis is designated as YJ2080 Sentinel in Chinese service. BYMC has fully localized the manufacturing process of the MUV. Its armoured hull is identical to the original Russian Tigr vehicle.  The Chinese variant of the Tigr MUV has been unveiled at the China Military and Civilian Integration Expo 2016 (July 4 – July 6, 2016) in Beijing.

The new Chinese  multi-purpose anti-tank guided missile system closely resembles the Russian Kornet-EM multi-purpose long-range antitank guided missile system.

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