China to unveil new M20 short-range tactical missile system at Zhuhai Airshow 2016

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Chinese Defense Industry  has developed a new M20 short-range surface-to-surface tactical missile system for the export market.

The new tactical missile system will be unveiled at the 11th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Zhuhai Airshow 2016) in Zhuhai.  According to Chinese media,  the new M20 missile’s official range is between 100 and 280 km but that its actual range could be as long as 400 km.

The M20 is an export version of DF-12 surface-to-surface tactical missile system, developed by China’s Second Artillery Corps. The missile system based on 8×8 military truck chassis and have two missiles in individual container ready to fire. The missiles have inertial guidance and INS with satellite guidance.

The M20 tactical missile system is very similar to the Russian Iskander missile system.

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