China to unveil new CH-805 ‘stealth drone’ at Airshow China 2016

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China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has developed a new CH-805 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and expected to unveil during the 11th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai.

That was reported by

The CH-805 is a special  stealth unmanned aerial vehicle developed for the training of operators of air defense missiles and artillery systems during training exercises.

According to the presentation, the SER (or SCR) of CH-805 is 0,01m², or -20 dB, the equivalent of a bird. The UAV is 4 meters wide and weighs 190 kg maximum take-off. It is capable of flying at speeds up to 730 km / h for 40 minutes.


The CH-805 is launched using rocket assist by two solid-propellant booster rocket engines, and it is recovered via parachute.

CAAA studies show that the SER drone is lower than that of US F-22 and will serve both as target practice for radar operators and shooters on the ground, and as target shooting tests for the validation of new anti-aircraft missiles in development.


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