China to develop new air-launched anti-ship ballistic missile

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China Changfeng Mechanics and Electronics Technology Academy to develop a new air-launched anti-ship ballistic missile. That was reported by 

The new version of China’s anti-ship ballistic missile  will be used to arm the Xian H-6K long-range strategic bomber. Accurate information about the new missile is currently no.

The new anti-ship ballistic missile probably can attack medium and large naval vessels out to ranges of 5500 km to 10000 km.

The H-6K, an updated version of the H-6 bomber (originally, a locally built version of the 1960s vintage Russian Tupolev Tu-16 bomber), is a medium-sized craft designed for long-range attacks, stand-off attacks and large-area air patrol. Unlike its predecessor, the H-6K can carry cruise missiles under its wings.

The H6-K also maneuvers more deftly than the H-6 and requires a smaller crew to operate. H-6K reportedly has a combat radius of 3,500 km.

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