China has developed a new CX-1 anti-ship missile

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China has developed a new CX-1 anti-ship missile. CX-1 anti-ship missile first time presented at Zhuhai Air Show.

The missile is carried in flight by aerodynamic lift. The solid-propellant booster is located in the ramjet’s combustion chamber and is ejected by the airflow after it has burned out.

Over-the-horizon firing range, full autonomy of combat use (“fire and forget”), a set of flexible (“low”, “high-low”) trajectories, high supersonic speed on all phases of flight, full harmonization for a wide range of platforms (surface ships of all major classes, submarines and land-based launchers), low profile flight (sea-skimming), possible use of the missile in electronic countermeasures environment and under enemy fire.

Externally, the new missile is similar to Russian P-800 Oniks.


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