China conducts live fire exercises with copy of the Russian Tor-M1 missile system

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China has successfully completed a live-firing demonstration of its new HQ-17 medium-range anti-air missile system. The HQ-17 missile system of 38th Mechanized Group Army has successfully conducted live-fire exercises.

The new HQ-17 medium-range anti-air missile system bears strong resemblance to the Russian Tor-M1 missile system. The only difference is that the new Chinese missile system has identification, friend or foe (IFF) array on top of an electronically scanned radar.

The HQ-17 may have a short range, but manufacturer claims for its Tor-M1 relative claim that it has a 90% probably of destroying cruise missiles. That was reported by

The HQ-17 is rugged enough to keep up with frontline units like tank battalions, as seen here with the 41st Group Army in Guangzhou Province, and protect them from helicopter and drone attacks. At the same time, its vertically launched missiles allows the Tor M1/HQ-17 to engage multiple cruise missiles like the American Tomahawk or Taiwanese HF-IIE aimed at Chinese command and control infrastructure.

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HQ-17 medium-range anti-air missile system


HQ-17 medium-range anti-air missile system


HQ-17 medium-range anti-air missile system


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