China begins serial production of new mystery unmanned aerial vehicles

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Photographs from satellite posted on Chinese online forums show that a begins serial production of local mystery unmanned aerial vehicles.

The two new unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted on the runway of Chengdu Aircraft Corporation airfield. According to experts, the new unmanned aerial vehicles is a Soar Dragon drones, designed by Chengdu Aircraft Corporation.

The Guizhou Soar Dragon is an unmanned aerial vehicle of the High-Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) type, featuring an unusual joined, tandem wingplan. As of 2011 it is being developed by the People’s Republic of China for reconnaissance and possible anti-shipping missions.

It is currently known about the four built drones, a July 2016 picture showing a JL-9 trainer jet at GAC assembly plant had three Xianglong UAVs in the background, in various states of completion.

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