Challenger Aerospace unveils Avina soft-wing unmanned autonomous system concept

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The Challenger Airspace Group has unveiled the design of the new unique unmanned autonomous system (UAS) equipped with a soft wing and will be called the Avina.

The soft wings help to reduce the cost/payload ratio, is capable of very long-haul flights and offers incomparable security. The Avina UAS are capable of transporting a significant payload – up to 410 kg.

“The Avina is an Unmanned, Autonomous System capable of flying for six hours with a suite of different sensors,” said Challenger Aerospace Group CEO LeRoy Aday.

The Avina soft wing unmanned aircraft is powered by two EDF fan units with power from a hybrid power generator, top speed of 130 km/h.

The Avina will be one of the most versatile systems on the market, to embark a great variety of mission-specific modules: cameras, IR sensors, droppable cargo or even a human pilot for, particularly sensitive missions.

The Challenger Airspace Group is a leading developer in the rapidly changing field of unmanned vehicles. The company design subsystems, develop platforms and manufacture airframes.

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