Challenger Aerospace readies newest cargo unmanned aerial vehicle

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The Challenger Aerospace Group has announced new details of its new project of a multi-mission unmanned aerial vehicle called the Titan.

The Titan is an innovative cargo UAV designed for carrying out military transport missions. With a maximum take-off weight of around 3.5 tonnes, the Titan is one of the biggest cargo UAV int the World. Powered by a 278-hp (207 kW) diesel engine with four Electric Ducted fans (EDF) installed under the wings.

The new multi-mission unmanned aerial vehicle will be able to fly for up to eight hours and can reach a speed of 340 km/h (214 mph) and a service ceiling of around 7,600 m (25,000 ft).

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The Titan features an overall length of 11,3 m. and has a wingspan of 22,7 m (15,8 m. in short wings version).

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The new multi-mission unmanned aerial vehicle designed by Challenger Aerospace Group presents new possibilities for autonomous cargo delivery, logistics and other transportation applications for civil and military. Also, unmanned systems to offer a more cost-effective solution on intercontinental operations and will provide an opportunity to supply troops with no risk to the crew of aircraft.

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