Challenger Aerospace Begins Construction of First Hybrid Unmanned Surface Vehicle

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The Challenger Airspace Group began construction of Barracuda hybrid unmanned surface vehicle (USV). That was reported by Challenger Aerospace Group CEO LeRoy Aday.

“Challenger Aerospace Barracuda unmanned surface vehicle goes into production,” said LeRoy Aday.

The Barracuda hybrid unmanned surface vehicle (USV) was developed by Challenger Marine Systems (part of Challenger Airspace Group) is designed for use in harbor patrol and force protection. The Barracuda can achieve speeds of 65 mph and has greater than 36 hours of endurance and a range of up to 1,200 nautical miles.

Each of Challengers  USV designs are outfitted with the horsepower and speed to carry our USV’s more than 65 mph or move quietly along the waterway  and shorelines for stealthier operations. The  Challenger USV’s can operate in 6” of water and has an extremely sharp turning radius.

length 12 ft. 3.6 m
beam 60 inches.   1.5 m
power Diesel  80 – 110 hp
Jet pump 155mm diameter axial flow jet with stainless steel impeller
Fuel tank 170 liter
Dry weight 834 pounds/ 378.2 kg

Challenger has filed for patent on its hybrid propulsion system for UAV/UGV/UMV applications: hybrid (chemical, electric) propulsion system comprising state of the art components; energy storage elements (including but not limited to paper batteries, Li-ion batteries, ultra-capacitors), flexible photovoltaic (PV) panels, internal combustion engine/generator, micro gas turbine/generator, fuel cell stack with controller, fuel supply system, permanent magnet electric motor(s), and power/energy management system (PEMS) with proprietary software.

The Challenger Airspace Group is a leading developer in the rapidly changing field of unmanned vehicles. The company design subsystems, develop platforms and manufacture airframes. 

Challenger Aerospace Barracuda USV

Challenger Aerospace Barracuda USV

Challenger Aerospace Barracuda USV

Challenger Aerospace Barracuda USV

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