Belarus unveils special unmanned aircraft systems for anti-aircraft combat unit`s training

Belarusian JSC “558 ARP” unveiled Kondor-1 unmanned aircraft systems at XIV International exhibition of aviation-space and military-naval hardware “Lima-2017”.

The Kondor-1 is designation for anti-aircraft combat unit`s training. Training target simulated signal conforms to the character of echoed signal. In the spectral portrait of echoed signal present turbine composites of spectrum, that allows aircraft type identification.
Flights can be performed forwards ADMS location from various directions, effecting course, altitude and velocity maneuvers.

The Kondor-1 allows to imitate aerodynamic targets with the following characteristics:

  • target effective reflective area: 0,01 m² (cruise missile); 2..10 m² (fighter); 10..15 м² (bomber); 50 m² aerial command post.
  • (20..500) m/sec – velocity of parent target.
  • quantity of parent targets – 2.

JSC “558 ARP” also presented at its booth broad range of UAV, the system of radio electronic protection of aircraft (ECM “Satellite-М2”) and samples of aircraft components.

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