Belar Ys-Ex unmanned aerial vehicle debuts at MILEX 2017

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Adcom Systems with Belarus’s firm Indela is showcasing for the first time at the MILEX 2017exibition its newly developed Belar Ys-Ex unmanned aerial vehicle.

The Belar Ys-Ex is a new version of Yabhon Flash-20 unmanned aerial vehicle. The UAVs have 1.5 tonnes maximum take-off weight. It can fly for 60-70 hours and carries a gimbaled camera platform.

The unmanned aerial vehicle can conduct near real-time assessment of combat and battle damage, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), communications relay, border surveillance, humanitarian aid and other special missions.

In 2013 Adcom Systems purchased Belarus’s firm Indela, a producer of small unmanned systems.

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