Argentine Air Force received first upgraded IA-58A Pucará ground-attack aircraft

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Fábrica Argentina de Aviones Brigadier San Martin (FAdeA) delivered the first prototype of an upgraded IA-58 PUCARA ground-attack aircraft to the Argentine Air Force.

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The aircraft (A-568) was returned to the Grupo 3 de Ataque of the III Brigada Aérea of Reconquista, Santa Fe province.

This aircraft represents the second of a planned three-phase upgrade for the PUCARA. The first phase modernized the aircraft’s communications systems; this second one updates the navigation equipment and includes an INS with integrated GPS, an Electronic Attitude Direction Indicator (EADI), an Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI) and a radar altimeter. Also planned was the incorporation of a multi-functional display.

A planned intermediate phase prior to the third upgrade taking place was to integrate the navigation system with the SINT fire control system; the plan has so far not come to fruition.



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