173rd Airborne Brigade lost a few HMMWV’s during an airdrop in Germany

During an airdrop on a military base in Hohenfels, Germany, three HMMWV’s somehow detached from their parachutes and crashed into a million pieces, The Tactical Air Network reports. The reaction from the soldiers filming, though, is absolutely priceless.

“The 173rd Airborne Brigade forgot how to Airborne” says U.S. Army WTF Moments, the site that posted the video below showing three HMMWVs fall to the earth after a failed airdrop.

Hohenfels Germany is home to the U.S. Army’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center, referred to by soldiers as “The Box.” The Box is a huge 40,000 acre facility where U.S. and allied soldiers conduct large maneuver tank battles, airborn jumps and various other exercises. It’s a cold and muddy place, and also the place where my dad got his HMMWV stuck while trying to show off on “take your kid to work” day.

Last week, one of The Box’s exercises—an airdrop—apparently didn’t go so hot. The Tactical Air Network reports that the 173rd Airborne Brigade dropped HMMWVs from their C130 aircraft, only to lose three “Hummers” to our good friend “gravity.”


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