A Jordanian Gendarmerie EE-11 URUTU with a KADDB weapon station
A Jordanian Gendarmerie EE-11 URUTU with a KADDB weapon station The EE-11 Urutu is a combat proven 6x6 armored personnel carrier developed by Engesa of Brazil. It shares many components with the EE-9 Cascavel armoured fighting vehicle. The suspension includes Engesa's Boomerang double-axle rear drive.
The Iraqi Army Kia KM250 cargo truck
The Iraqi Army Kia KM250 cargo truck. The KM250 is a baseline model for Kia's 6x6 tactical truck series. It is an updated US M35A2 truck, produced by the Kia Motors. Vehicle retains a classic American military truck appearance with the long bonnet, spartan soft-topped cab, and a large...
Some photos gathered from the net about the largest military exercise in the history of Saudi Arabia, “Saif Abdullah”, literally “Sword of Abdullah”, held in April 2014 Royal Saudi Land Force M-ATV Special Force Vehicle version MRAPs during the closing parade.
Art of Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Search for any sign of the missing MH370 flight in Southern Indian Ocean has been called off, since it is extremely unlikely that any debris will be found on the ocean’s surface little less than 2 months since the Boeing 777 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing mysteriously disappeared from radars. 52 days into the...
Pantsir-S short-range air defense systems (c) AP Photo
Russia air defense missiles to protect Sochi Olympic Games 2014  
Multiple Rocket Launchers System System ASTROS
CFN receives first batch of ASTROS System Delivery of the first batch of Multiple Rocket Launchers System System ASTROS represents an important milestone by achieving a goal in the Plan Coordination and Equipment of the Navy of Brazil (PAEMB) and by strengthening . the national defense industry  
air defence systems “Vityaz”
Russia developing new air defence systems “Vityaz”

Ukraine’s military to conduct sea trials of new high-speed patrol boats

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the near future to conduct sea trials of a series of fast high-speed military boats developed by company...

UkrOboronProm restores damaged T-64BM «Bulat» main battle tanks

Ukraine's defence concern Ukroboronprom has done a large amount of works to restore damaged T-64BM «Bulat» main battle tanks. The T-64BM «Bulat» tanks suffered heavy damage during...


UkrOboronProm shows off the firepower of its BTR-4 armoured personnel carriers

Ukroboronprom defence industry concern demonstrated successful test of modern BTR-4 armoured personnel carriers. SE «Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau», which is part of Ukrainian state-run...

Belarus develops upgrade package for T-72 tanks

Belarus's "140 repair plant" has developed an upgrade package for the main battle tanks (MBTs). The new upgraded T-72BME main battle tank was displayed the...