Missiles & Bombs

Missiles & Bombs

Tor-M2KM (c) missiles2go.ru

Almaz-Antey to display new Tor-M2KM missile systems on chassis Tata Motors

Almaz-Antey corporation will demonstrate its Tor-M2KM small-range missile system on chassis Tata Motors, with combat and technical means in module form, in a debut showing at the MAKS 2013 international show.  

The Hatf IX Nasr is a solid fuelled battlefield range ballistic missile

The Hatf IX, named Nasr (Arabic: نصر‎), is a solid fuelled battlefield range ballistic missile (BRBM) system developed by Pakistan. The missile’s existence was first reported after a test-firing on 19 April 2011. It...
NASAMS High Mobility Launcher

Raytheon delivers first NASAMS High Mobility Launcher to Norway

The NASAMS High Mobility Launcher provides transportability to maneuvering forces. Raytheon has delivered the first HML for Norway’s National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System to provide Norway with advanced air defense capability. (PRNewsFoto/Raytheon Company, KONGSBERG)
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MEADS To Take on 2 ballistic missiles

The Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) will wrap up its test program this year by demonstrating its ability to intercept two theater ballistic missiles simultaneously, 120 degrees apart, officials said on Wednesday at...

Ukraine developing new tactical missiles Thunder-2

Ukraine developing new tactical missiles “Thunder-2″ Ukraine has finished the first stage of the project on the creation of “Thunder-2” multifunctional missile operational tactical complex. Ukrainian company Yuzhnoye Design Bureau is holding negotiations with several countries...
air defence systems “Vityaz”

Russia developing new air defence systems “Vityaz” – Photo

Russia developing new air defence systems “Vityaz”
MEADS (c) Lockheed Martin

Italy Looks To Poland As Meads Production Partner

ROME — Italy’s top military brass is hopeful that Poland, and possibly Japan, will step in to fill the vacuum left by the U.S. after it abandoned plans to produce a next-generation air and...