Yugoimport-SDPR unveils new Aleksandar 155mm/52-calibre wheeled self-propelled howitzer

Serbian defence company Yugoimport-SDPR has developed a new 155mm/52-calibre wheeled self-propelled howitzer called Aleksandar, which the firm revealed at the Partner 2017,  the International Fair of Armaments and Defense Equipment that takes place in Belgrade, Serbia.

The new Aleksandar is a self-propelled 155 mm/52-calibre gun-howitzer with a fully automated shell loading system that has a total of 12 rounds ready to the fire and 12 additional ammunition in a storage box, installed on a Tatra 8×8 truck chassis.

The Aleksandar wheeled 155mm 52-caliber self-propelled howitzer has a maximum firing range of 32,5 km and will be available with Yugoimport-SDPR’s velocity enhanced artillery projectile (VLAP) shell, which will enable the Aleksandar to fire at up to 52 km.

The Yugoimport-SDPR will offer the new Aleksandar wheeled self-propelled howitzer for Pakistan Army and Bangladesh Defence Forces.

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