WZM unveils upgraded BWR-1S reconnaissance combat vehicle at MSPO 2017

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Wojskowe Zakłady Mechaniczne (WZM) has unveiled the new upgraded variant of the  BWR-1S (Bojowy Wóz Rozpoznawczy) reconnaissance combat vehicle at the International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO.

The Polish BWR-1S is an upgraded BRM-1 armored reconnaissance vehicle that is derived from the BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle.  A steel hull protects crew against armor-piercing bullets, small-bore projectiles and artillery splinters. Fire-prevention and NBC systems are fitted as standard.

A vehicle presented during MSPO 2017 is equipped with the inertial navigation with GPS, tactical battlefield reconnaissance radar, multifunctional thermal binocular new night vision for drivers and reconnoiterers, new external and internal communication system.

Old observation-targeting sights have been replaced by new ones in a passive mode. The vehicle is also equipped with Safran JIM LR long-range thermal binoculars.

BWR-1S by Rafał Ciechanowski

BWR-1S by Rafał Ciechanowski

BWR-1S by Rafał Ciechanowski

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