Volvo and Hammar developed all terrain transport with intermodal side loader

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Volvo Defense AB and Hammar Maskin AB developed and produced a new All Terrain Mobile Articulated Transport with Intermodal Side loader – ATMAT – ISL.

Transports and handles up to 40 tonnes in off-road conditions. Loads and unloads without other equipment in almost any environment. Air suspension provides the ATMAT with a real boost. The A25F and A30F feature gas-hydraulic front axle suspension. It dampens vibrations to the cab, meaning that the machine can be driven at higher speeds when off-road. It helps to shorten operation cycle times, providing a tangible performance boost.

A transport vehicle is nothing without a great load capability. ATMAT delivers. These vehicles are capable of carrying between 24 and 39 tonnes.

1860x1050-Handling-heavy-loads-hitch-ATMAT-ISL-global-2016-teaser2 1860x1050-Steering-ATMAT-ISL-global-2016-teaser2

Furthermore, the HAMMAR 190 is equipped with a sideloader that can handle heavy loads with ease. Extendable legs mean that there’s no need for counterweights: your loading task can be accomplished in the tightest spaces and most difficult situations. And with a lifting cycle of just 3.5 minutes, there’s no time cost to your operation.

The lifting system incorporates deployable legs that can be used on various surfaces to provide stability without the need for counterweights.

The ATMAT-ISL also has a towing hook that is strong enough to haul armoured vehicles behind.

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