VBCI infantry fighting vehicle with 40mm caliber cannon testing in Qatar

(c) Abdulmoiz ‏@abdulmoiz1990
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The VBCI infantry fighting vehicle fitted with CTA40 40mm turret weapon during testing in Qatar was spotted in footage broadcast by .

The VBCI is the latest generation of 8×8 armoured infantry fighting vehicle designed and manufactured by the French Company Nexter Systems and Renault Trucks Defense.

The company has presented the VBCI in a tender held by Qatar, which reportedly is looking to acquire between 200 and 600 units.

The new turret on VBCI is equipped with the 40CTAS, a revolutionary 40mm cannon developed by CTA International and recently qualified and selected by the French Army for its future JAGUAR recce vehicle and by the British Army for its Scout programme.