Ukrainian soldier shoots himself to test new body armor

Taling into consideration all the demands of time and сircumstances, a company «Ukrainian Armor» frome Ukraine  developed a new concealable body armor – Velcro.

All elements of this model are fastened together with the help of the velcro. This design solution enables to adjust a bullet-proof vest comfortably to any person and a bodily constitution. It also gives an opportunity to replace the elements of the body armor if needed.

A soft ballistic package made of a well-known ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) or para-aramid fabric guarantees a secure protection.

The universality of this solution enables wearing it not just under a jacket, but also a shirt or a T-shirt. An outer side of the elements of the bullet-proof vest is made of the material of the same name Velcro that is agreeable to the touch. An inner part is made of a high-quality antibacterial fabric that protects against sweating. This provides a high level of comfort and does not cause irritation to the skin when wearing it directly on the body. / «Ukrainian Armor» copmany  on  Facebook и and  Vkontakte

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