Ukrainian Corps of Engineers awaiting new trench digging machine

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A new earthmoving vehicle is set to enter service with the Ukraine armed forces Corps of Engineers built by AutoKraz in partnership with Kryukov Railway Car Building Works (Kremenchug), AutoKraz announced on 29 August.

The vehicle has been based on the Kraz-5233НЕ AWD armoured chassis, with an armoured cab, engine compartment and fuel tank designed to meet specifications.

The vehicle will be used to dig trenches in various soils, fill excavations and clear sites.

In order to operate in temperatures from –40°C to +40°C and relative humidity of 98 percent, the vehicle has a radiator with high heat transfer. Manoeuvrability has been improved by the wheelbase being shortened from 5000mm to 4000mm. Modifications have been made to the vehicle frame to make it possible to attach custom-built digging equipment and an earthmoving blade.

According to AutoKraz the vehicle has undergone six months of testing at the proving grounds of the Ukraine armed forces.

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