Ukrainian company showcases new Bars-8 armored personnel carrier

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Ukrainian company Bogdan Corporation showcases  new Bars-8 armored personnel carrier.

The Bars-8 is intended for law enforcement and paramilitary branches for the transportation of troops in hostile environments.

The Bars-8 APC is based on the Dodge Ram vehicle, which has been developed within a short period of time, under conditions relating to the ongoing military action in eastern Ukraine, as the Ukrainian army is not fully equipped with the necessary equipment.

The Bars-8 can also be equipped 6.7-liter turbodiesel Cummins engine, allowing a max speed of 100km/h. Consuming only 15 liters per 100 km, Bars’ tanker allows a max range of 600 km. The Bars-8 has  9 tons GVW.

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