Ukrainian border guards have tested Turkish armored vehicles


Turkish producers to enter the market of armored vehicles of Ukraine

In the state border service began a test drive for two Turkish armored vehicles Turcar. We are talking about Bizon Turkar and Buffalo Turkar, reports Channel 5.Thus, Turkish producers to enter the market of armored vehicles of Ukraine.

On the basis of the Training Centre for Junior Specialists of the State Border Service of Ukraine named after Major General Ivan Momot, in the Cherkassy region, began testing a prototype «Turkar BUFFALO» mine-resistant armored vehicle designed by the Turkish firm HISARLAR.

“According to the approved program, the test will last 30 days. During this period will be tracked by the technical possibilities of the car «Turkar Bizon» and command-staff vehicle «TURKAR CCVTECH» during their operation, “- said Deputy Director of Department – Chief of Armament and Technology Department of resource support of the Administration of State Border Service, Colonel Sergei Bukoemsky.

Further validation tests expected in the future could possibly lead to the procurement of a small number of vehicles.

The «BUFFALO» is a mine-resistant light armored vehicle initially designed by HISARLAR GRUP. The vehicle incorporates advanced protection features and offers superior off-road mobility with integral tire inflation system. The advanced V Shape Hull design of Scorpion incorporates a high ground clearance and acute turning circle, allowing for a superior off-road capability.