Ukrainian Army orders new batch of Dozor-B armoured personnel carriers

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine has ordered another batch of Dozor-B armoured personnel carriers,  UkrObornProm concern announced on 1 February.

The Dozor-B is a light armored personnel carrier designed to protect the crew and troops from small arms fire, shrapnel and mines namely: from 7.62-mm armor piercing bullets at distance 30 meters and from shrapnel of 150 mm high-explosive shell, exploded at the distance of 50 meters. The armored personnel carrier developed by State Enterprise “Lviv Armored Plant” (part of UkrObornProm).

Th State Enterprise “Lviv Armored Plant” signed a new contract with Ministry of Defence of Ukraine for delivery several dozens Dozor-B armoured personnel carriers.

According to UkrObornProm, this is the second batch of the vehicles ordered by Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ten vehicles were delivered in 2016.

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