Ukraine unveils new portable rocket grenade launcher at IDEF 2017

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Ukrainian State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch”, part of UkrOboronProm, launched its new portable rocket grenade launcher at the IDEF 2017 exhibition in Turkey.

The new Ukraine’s portable grenade launcher is designed to replace ageing RPG-7.

The new grenade launcher is intended to destroy lightly-armoured and unarmoured equipment (launchers, radars, parked aircrafts, cars and etc.), field-type constructions (such as permanent fire position, earth-and-timber emplacement) as well as manpower located outdoors, in shelters, building of stone, bricks or concrete.

The new grenade launcher uses of a new electro optical sight automates and simplifies gunner work, provides high accuracy of hit at maximum firing range.

The grenade of new portable launcher can fly up to 2,000 meters; the fuze sets the maximum range, usually 600 meters.

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