Ukraine unveils new MT-LB-S armored medical evacuation vehicle

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The new MT-LB-S armored medical evacuation vehicle was displayed during the «Might of the Undefeated» arms exhibition in Kyiv. The armored medical evacuation vehicle developed by NPK “VK Sistema”.

The new MT-LB-S is an updated version of MT-LB multi-purpose fully amphibious auxiliary armoured tracked vehicle. The vehicle is provided transportation of injured soldiers from the front line of military operations and providing first medical aid during transportation.

The high-mobility stretch chassis provides excellent cross-country capability and ride characteristics particularly important in this unique mission.


Length – 6,454 m.
Width – 2.86 m
Ground clearance – 0.4 m
The maximum speed on the highway is 60 km / h
Operational range – 300 km.

The increase in available space provides the ability to integrate more capable MEPs for each mission role.

Onboard medical equipment:

  • First aid facilities and equipment
  • Oxygen inhaler KI-4.02
  • Portable manual device for artificial ventilation of lungs DP-10
  • Equipment for loading and unloading the injured

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