Ukraine Presented New Armoured Patrol Vehicle of Bogdan Corporation

Armoured Patrol Vehicle of Bogdan Corporation
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In Kiev was presented new ukrainian armoured patrol vehicle of Bogdan Corporation. Ukraine’s interior minister Arsen Avakov looked a new Bogdan armoured vehicle. is a versatile 4X4 wheeled armoured vehicle a’doptable to a range of military and security roles..

Bogdan APC’s armoured steel hull provides crew safety from 7.62mm NATO ball ammunition at point blank range. Hull including roof, engine compartment can resist this threat at 90 degrees of impact. Machine pressed GRP plates fitted to floor area provides protection against grenade fragmentation, and antipersonnel mines and blast. Armored glasses and all vision blocks are protected to the same level as of the hull.

Vehicle provides a reliable and protected transport. An all-around armoured hull fully protects the personnel against various threats; and thanks to the vehicle’s ample interior space, ergonomic full-size seats.



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