Ukraine looking for partners to develop Mobile Mine Detector

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The Innovations Development Platform,  Ukrainian agency for incubation and implementation of innovative projects in the field of defence technologies, is looking for partners to develop the modern mobile radar system of remote mine detection (Mobile Mine Detector).

This product offers practical solutions related to the increased distance of mine detection and reduced quantity of equipment applied for detection of various mines.

As its innovative feature, the mine detector is based on the FLGPR (Forward Looking Ground Penetration Radar) technology, while no other products based on the FLGPR technology are currently in existence.

Applying of this technology offers substantial advantages for users, such as remote mine detection at a longer distance – up to 10 m – in comparison with the DLGPR (Down Looking Ground Penetration Radar) technology – up to 3 m. Simultaneous processing of larger areas (increased by 4 in comparison with the DLGPR technology) is another advantage. As a matter of fact, the technology allows identifying of various mine types without use of any additional devices.

Military engineer units and humanitarian deminers are seen as the main users of the mobile mine detector.

The current Project status (based on the TRL model) is TRL 4 (i.e. verification of the prototype and its components in the laboratory environment).

If you are interested in cooperation and willing to join the Project as an investor, partner, developer or expert, please contact us, and we’ll give you the information in respect of mine detector operation and detailed technical specifications.

Direct: +38 044 333 60 63


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