Ukraine deployed more troops of National Guard in Odessa

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Ukraine deployed more troops of National Guard   in  Odessa. 400 servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine in Odessa will ensure law and order.

Odesa Governor and ex- President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili has appealed to Pres Poroshenko to send National Guard to the city, Saakashvili wrote in Facebook Apr. 26.

According to Saakashvili, on the eve of may 2, the anniversary of the events of 2014 in Odessa when the trade unions Building from fire killed supporters of federalization of the country — in the city of Pro-Russian forces are preparing provocations.

“So after my appeal, the President took the decision, contrary to some statements of the Ministry of internal Affairs, to introduce the National guard. Directly gave the order to Hallerowo (commander of national guard — approx. “Of the tape.”)”, — said the head region.

Earlier, Counselor to Interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak said there was no need to move units of the National Guard to Odesa for preserving public order in the city during Easter and commemoration of victims of the tragedy that took place on May 2.

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