New Typhoon 4×4 mine resistant ambush protected vehicle spotted in Iran

The new armoured vehicle looks like a Typhoon 4×4 mine resistant ambush protected vehicle was spotted in Iran.

Iranian media show footage from Military Machinery & Equipment exhibition, where was spotted the new armoured vehicle. The new vehicle looks like a Typhoon 4×4 developed by  STREIT Group.

Typhoon 4×4 is a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle / MRAP which is used primarily as a mounted infantry troop carrier and ground support vehicle for dismounted troops and can be easily configured as command and control vehicle, medical evacuation platform or as a forward observation platform (FOO).

The vehicle offers its occupants blast protection to STANAG 4569 Level 3. Typhoon features a V-shaped monocoque armored hull design that offers advanced protection to the 10 man crew. Typhoon benefits from superior off-road mobility. The crew capacity consists of a driver, commander, 8 dismounts and a gunner.

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