Turkish company develops new Bizon armored personnel carrier

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Turkish company HİSARLAR GRUP  develops new Bizon Turkar APC (Armored Personnel Carrier ) and introduces in Ukraine during the official visit of the President of Petro Poroshenko in honor of the National Day of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in Kiev. That repored by military-informant.com.

HİSARLAR GRUP unveils the new Bizon APC in Ukraine on the eve of the international exhibition Eurosatory 2016 in France. Company presents Bizon armored personnel carrier in Ukraine, expects deal with Armed Forces, Natioanl Guard and Border Service of Ukraine.

The new Bizon APC  is designed primarily to be used by military for convoy protection, border patrol, counter insurgency, troop transportation, medical evacuation and command control vehicle.

Bizon APC is a landmine-protected armored personnel carrier features a V-shaped monocoque armored hull design that offers advanced protection to the  man crew.





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