Taiwan displays new Cloud Leopard II armoured fighting vehicle at TADTE 2017

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The Ordnance Readiness Development Centre in Nantou for the Republic of China (Taiwan) Army has showcased a Cloud Leopard II (Yunpao) armoured fighting vehicle concept at the Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition.

During exhibition was showed the M1 model of Cloud Leopard II fighting vehicle. The M1 model consists of a highly mobile 8×8 platform, on the rear of which can be mounted a 120mm mortar plus a quantity of ready-use ammunition.

The Cloud Leopard II is a modular vehicle platform capable of accepting various armament configurations for specific combat requirements.

Major configurations include APC with a 12.7mm machine gun, mortar carrier with a 120mm mortar and fire support vehicle with 105mm low-recoil turret gun or 120mm gun.

The Cloud Leopard II can be used as an armoured personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicle, fire support vehicle, command and control vehicle and ambulance.

Yunpao 2. Photo by Ryan Cheng

Yunpao 2. Photo by Ryan Cheng

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