Syrian Army receives the upgraded T-62M main battle tanks from Russia

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The Syrian Army receives the first batch of T-62M main battle tanks Russian Army stocks.

The upgraded T-62M tanks with BMP-1 tracked infantry fighting vehicle was spotted in Tartus, on the Mediterranean coast of Syria. A month ago, these tanks were spotted in Russia before being sent to Syria (on main photo).

T-62M is an improved version of the Soviet T-62 tanks with protection and mobility improvements and the “Volna” fire control system. It is fitted with a BDD appliqué armour package, an additional belly armour plate for anti-mine protection, 10 mm thick reinforced rubber side skirts and 10 mm thick anti-neutron liner.

The US intelligence saw T-62M main battle tanks for the first time during the Soviet war in Afghanistan and they gave it the designation T-62E. There are a number of sub-variants of the T-62M, depending on how much of the modernization package the vehicle has installed.

The Russian army also used both T-62Ms in combat in Chechnya and Georgia. The T-62M is still being used for counterterrorism operations in this region.

Upgraded T-62M in Tartus

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