STREIT Group will unveil new models of armored vehicles at Eurosatory 2016

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STREIT Group to unveil new models of armored vehicles at Eurosatory 2016 exhibition in 13-17 June in France.

Company will showcase more then 13 armored vehicles, with Gladiator AHV and  Scorpion – AFV live demonstration at Eurosatory 2016 exhibition.

Established in Canada in 1992 – STREIT Group is one of the world’s leading, privately owned armored vehicles manufacturer with 12 state-of-the-art production facilities and 25 offices worldwide. More than twenty three years of operating in challenging environments made STREIT Group one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers of armored vehicles.

Company  produce a large variety of Armored Personnel Carriers, MRAP’s, Cash-in-Transit, Luxury, Bespoke Luxury and Security vehicles which are designed to provide effective protection in high-risk situations.

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