STREIT Group develops new Python–LAMV armoured personnel carrier

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The STREIT Group, a Canadian armoured vehicle manufacturer, developed a new Python–LAMV armoured personnel carrier.

The Python–LAMV is one of best options in STREIT’s all-terrain range. Using a tried and trusted Toyota platform base, this vehicle that can tackle the most challenging of terrains and transport the crew safely to their destination.

This vehicle has capacity and flexibility to operate from urban patrols to convoy escort duties or anything that is required.

The vehicle can carry a crew of 8 including driver and commander. Python has the capability to carry troops, equipment or both.

Python ensures the security of its crew while being able to recover to safety in the event of a hostile attack with its standard armoring specifications of CEN B6. Python is best fit for the usage and operable as an urban and semi-rural patrolling and as a reconnaissance vehicle.

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