State Border Guard Service Of Ukraine Will Receive 62 New «Triton» Reconnaissance Vehicle

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State Border Guard Service of Ukraine will receive 62 new «Triton» armored vehicle with a new reconnaissance and surveillance system, reported

The Ukrainian-produced armored vehicle “Triton” equipped with remote controlled weapon station and with JEB ground reconnaissance mobile system and ANCLAV jamming station. Station and a surveillance suite inclusive of radar, thermal/day and image intensification sights, laser range finder.

The «Triton» 4×4 it will have a combat weight of 10 tons.

«Triton» APC is armed with a remote controlled 12.7mm NSBT-12.7 machine gun with a  optical monocular periscopic sight.

It has an ammunition capacity of 450 rounds. It can fire within an elevation range of – 3° to +68°. The roof-mounted anti-aircraft machine gun can be rotated 360°.

The system is designed for the detection and identification of moving people and technology (in various versions – slow and low-flying targets moving on the water surface facilities), of radio monitoring to ensure the protection of territories or intelligence intercept.

The «Triton» vehicle forms a common platform which can be adapted for various roles and mission requirements including: Armoured Personnel Carrier, Anti-Tank Vehicle, Reconnaissance Vehicle, Ground Surveillance Radar Vehicle, Forward Observation Vehicle, Armoured Ambulance, Armoured Command Post, anti-tank missiles such or surface-to-air missiles.

The «Triton» reconnaissance vehicle developed by order of the State Border Service of Ukraine is primarily intended to be placed on the Ukrainian-Russian border.

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