ST Kinetics Unveils Finalised Bronco New GenerationTracked Carrier Design

ST Kinetics has unveiled its finalised Bronco New-Generation All-Terrain Tracked Carrier design at the Singapore Airshow 2016. The variant displayed at the exhibition is equipped with the company's 120-mm SRAMS mortar system. (IHS/Kelvin Wong)
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ST Kinetics used the Singapore Airshow to unveil the Bronco New Gen all terrain tracked carrier.

In what is the third generation of the Bronco, the new articulated tracked carrier incorporates the lessons learned during the UK’s deployment of the Warthog to Afghanistan, according to Winston Toh, chief marketing officer at ST Kinetics.

Toh explained that with a lower curb weight than the Warthog, the new Bronco can take on higher add-on protection and payload. The vehicle has a re-engineered chassis that provides greater space for the crew and increased protection thanks to its V-shaped hull.

With a curb weight of 10,200 kg, the Bronco has a payload of 6300 kg – with the potential to increase that to 7800 kg – and can accommodate four passengers in the front module and eight in the rear.

The vehicle has a maximum speed of 65 km/h on road and 4 km/h in water while the range on roads is 400 km.

The Bronco New Gen will also feature a new camera system that gives the crew greater visibility of the surrounding area while driving close-hatched or at night.

While the company self-funded project has yet to secure a launch customer, Toh said there had been significant interest already in the vehicle.

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