Slovenian defense company developed and produced new Asgard 127 weapon system

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The STRATO, Milos Milosavljevic s.p. together with partners from Slovenian mechanical industry  developed and produced new Asgard 127 weapon system.

The Asgard 127 is a one man turret from Valhalla  family remote control weapon stations. The new turret designed for installation on current, future light, medium  armoured combat vehicles.

  • Fully enclosed turret
  • Works without power (prepared for upgrade to electric driveand Connection options to the 24V vehicle routing)
  • Possibility of battery installation in the turret for night optical devices, triggering smoke grenades and coaxial machine guns
  • Made from top quality Slovenian armoured steel Protac 500 or similar
  • Robust bearing ring with internal gearing
  • All ammunition located in the turret
  • Large quantity of ammunition ready for use
  • Twice as much spare ammunition
  • Ammunition in the attached box or in a box in the turret connected to the main gun by ammunition feed chute
  • Ammunition reloading from inside the vehicle
  • Vehicle installation in a few hours
  • Extremely easy system maintenance
  • Easy to use, 1 hour for basic instructions
  • Armoured protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 3
  • The turret has a folding seat allowing the operatorto stand or sit
ASGARD RCT (Remote Control Turret)

ASGARD RCT (Remote Control Turret)



ASGARD GS (Grab-and-shoot)

ASGARD GS (Grab-and-shoot)

(Certain guns require minor gun-cradle changes and ammunition supply mode)


FN M2 (12.7 x 99 mm)
ATK LW25 (25 x 59 mm)
MK 19 (40 mm)
Rheinmetall Mk20 Rh202 (20 x 139 mm)
Nexter M621 (20 x 102 mm)
Zastava M55  (20 x 110 mm)
ATK M230 LF (30 x 113 mm)

KPV 14.5 (14.5 x 114 mm)
Kord (12.7 x 108 mm)
GSH-23 (23 x115 mm)


FN Mag (7.62 x 51 mm)
FN Minimi (5.56 x 45 mm)
H&K MG-5 (7.62 x 51 mm)
H&K MG-4 (5.56 x 45 mm)

PKTM (7.62 x 54 mm)

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