Slovenia Defence Ministry selling its outdated tanks and infantry fighting vehicles

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The Slovenia Defence Ministry has published an offer to sell  its outdated M-55 tanks and over BVP M-80A infantry fighting vehicles. That was reported by

The ministry is selling the tanks and IFVs together with spare parts, ammunition and other equipment.

Interested buyers will go through a security check and before submitting their bids they will need to make a EUR 500,000 down payment for the tanks and EUR 300,000 for the IFVs.

The Defence Ministry plans to Sell 30 M-55S tanks and 39 BVP M-80A infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs). The ministry will collect bids until 23 November.

The M-80A infantry fighting vehicle was revealed in 1984. It is a further development of the M-80 IFV. The M-80A provides armored protection against large-caliber machine guns. It is fitted with an NBC protection system and automatic fire suppression system.

M-55S tank

M-55S tank

The M-55S tank is a combat tracked vehicle characterized by reactive armour and powerful armament intended to destroy the adversary’s live force, armoured and other combat vehicles, artillery, anti-tank missiles, bunkers, fortified facilities, obstacles and other fortification facilities.

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