Slovak production company showcase its new Aligator 4×4 Master II armoured vehicle

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The Slovak Company Kerametal showcase its new Aligator 4×4 Master II armoured vehicle At the International Defence Exhibition of Bratislava IDEB 2016 in  Incheba Bratislava.

The exhibition brings overview of the most modern military technology, at the same time creating a place perfect for mutual discussion, exchange of views and searching for solutions within defence and foreign policy. The total area of 24 000 m2 will present 152 exhibitors from 20 countries and   taking place from 10th to 12th May.

The Aligator 4×4 Master II  is a multirole armoured vehicle for armed and special forces that features supreme properties in its class. It has optimal combat weight with massive payload properties and spacious interior for the crew plus inner equipment, surprisingly low silhouette and impressive ground clearance.

Excellent track and terrain performance is achieved through independent axles, special suspension system and large wheels with run flat tyres including a central tyre inflation system. All these attributes create a vehicle that has outstanding cross country mobility, superb manoeuvrability, high speed capability, survivability and simple rapid deployment.

The vehicle is ready and upon request can be delivered as fully amphibious. Our unique monocoque hull structure provides excellent all round ballistic protection and the V – shaped underbody delivers additional protection for the crew against mines. Thanks to its unique properties this vehicle is suitable as a platform for a wide range of deployments such as command, surveillance, reconnaissance, weapons station, CBRN and police.

Vehicle has ecological 6 cylinder class EURO III, has automatic transmission, air adjustable seats, power brakes and steering, ABS system, an efficient air condition system.


Gross Vehicle Weight:
12,000 kg 
3,130 kg 
145 km/h
750 km


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