Singapore has shown its Renault Higuard Protected Response Vehicles

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Singapore has shown its Renault Higuard Protected Response Vehicles. Ahead of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebration parade on 9 August, the Singapore Army is replacing some of its ageing equipment.

It wants to take the 1960s-vintage Cadillac Gage V-200 vehicle out of service, which has been in Singapore’s inventory since 1969, and also the M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle

Renault Trucks Defense’s (MRAP) combines the excellent off-road mobility of the Sherpa Medium 6×6 tactical vehicle with the very high level of protection of its specially armoured cab (ballistic, mine and IED protection).

The HIGUARD (MRAP) is ideally suited for tactical missions such as troop transport in asymmetric combat areas. Its large volume and payload accommodates up to 12 soldiers with their equipments. The HIGUARD (MRAP) is also fitted for a roof mounted weapon system.

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