Several Spanish peacekeepers injured in landmine blast in Lebanon

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Several Spanish peacekeepers were wounded on Wednesday when their  Iveco LMV armored vehicle triggered a landmine in the in southern Lebanon.

The National News Agency said a vehicle belonging to UNIFIL’s Spanish battalion was badly damaged after it accidentally triggered an anti-personnel landmine near the south Lebanon town of Ibl al-Saqi, located in the Marjayoun district.

According to a military source in Beirut, the UNIFIL soldiers were driving off-road near the village of Maqam near the Lebanese-Israeli border, when their vehicle crossed paths with the 30 year  old landmine.

Iveco LMV (Light Multirole Vehicle) is a 4WD tactical vehicle developed by Iveco, and in service with several countries.

Around 2,600 vehicles have been sold to nine European armed forces. The vehicle is capable of performing a range of duties from patrolling and escorting to commanding and liaisons. It can also be used in casualty evacuation operations.

IVECO LMV is designed and assembled by IVECO Defence Vehicles, the defence arm of IVECO.

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