Russian troops receive 5,500 weapons and pieces of military hardware this year

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Russian troops received 5,500 weapons and pieces of military hardware this year, including scores of aircraft and hundreds of tanks.

This year only the Western Military District  troops have received more than 1,500 pieces of new armament and military hardware, including aircraft, patrol motor boats, engineer vehicles, radar stations, missile and artillery armament, tanks, and automobile hardware.

Formations and military units of the district have received BMP-3 IFVs and BTR-82A APCs, Tigr and Typhoon armored vehicles.

Aviation units have received Su-35, Mi-28N, Mi-35M, and Mi-8AMTSh aircraft.

Military control bodies of the Western MD have received Grusha, Orlan, Granat, Zastava, Leyer and Forpost unmanned aerial vehicles.

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