Russian Paratroopers captured the conditional enemy’s airfield in course of the exercise

The advanced units of Ulyanovsk and Ivanovo formations of Russian Airborne troops are practicing raids behind conditional enemy’s lines in course of command-and-staff exercise.

Currently, Commandos are installing the control points and preparing special hardware for performing maneuvers, capturing the airfield and conditional enemy’s logistics facilities.

Having passed more than 100 km of field and frontline roads in the night on military vehicles, the advanced units of Ulyanovsk troops came to the Strugy Krasniye range and proceeded to reconnaissance of conditional enemy’s regrouping forces.

About 2,500 servicemen and more than 500 pieces of military and special hardware are engaged in the training of units of two formations in cooperation with units of the Pskov Airborne formation. The aircraft of Aerospace Forces of Russia, Air Force and Air Defence of the Military District is widely used in the exercises.

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