Russian artillery units used new Zoopark-1M radar systems for the first time

Artillery units of the Russian Eastern Military District have used new Zoopark-1M radar systems for the first time.

“The servicemen of the artillery unit of the Eastern Military District stationed in the Republic of Buryatia during the tactical exercise with live shooting… used the modern radar reconnaissance system Zoopark-1M for the first time. The system entered service in January 2017,” Eastern Military district’s spokesman Alexander Gordeev said.

The Zoopark-1M is a Russian upgraded missile and artillery ground reconnaissance complex is designed to automatically determine the coordinates of enemy artillery positions (mortars, field artillery, rocket volley fire systems) and tactical missile launch positions); to provide target sighting information to its own countermeasure equipment, as well as to monitor its own firing results.

The Zoopark-1M complex сonsists of:

  • 1L216 – missile and artillery ground reconnaissance system;
  • 1I38 – maintenance vehicle;
  • ED60 – mobile power plant.

The Zoopark-1M complex is completely autonomous, it takes 5 minutes to deploy.

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