Russian Army unveiled mock-up of 2S41 «Drok» self-propelled mortar system concept

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Joint Stock Company Central Research Institute “BUREVESTNIK” has unveiled a new 2S41 «Drok» self-propelled mortar system concept.

The 2S41 «Drok» (Gorse) is a light-weight wheeled self-propelled and air-droppable 82 mm mortar system.

The new combat system is a combination of  82 mm mortar and a 4×4 high mobility lightweight vehicle. The 2S41 «Drok» based on  4×4 chassis of Russian K4386  special armoured vehicle. The new K4386 vehicle developed by JSC “Plant of special vehicles”  and Kamaz for Russian paratroopers.

According to the designers, the new 2S41 «Drok» light-weight  82 mm mortar system provides high firepower capabilities and reliability during combat missions, and also offers enhanced protection for the crew.

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