Russia developing new air defense missile system for Arctic operations

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Russia is to build a new Pantsyr-SA air defense missile system to enhance the country’s capabilities in Arctic and Far North regions. That was reported by

According to the source, Pantsyr-SA is an improved version of Russian Pantsir-S1 short to medium range surface-to-air missile system. The new Pantsyr-SA air defense system is mounted on DT-30 Vityaz all-terrain tracked vehicle.

The Pantsyr-SA variant incorporates a multifunctional targeting station, increasing target detection range from 40 to 75 km (25 to 47 mi) and engagement range from 20 to 40 km (12 to 25 mi).

The first test of new Russian Pantsyr-SA air defense missile for Arctic region will start in early 2017.

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