Russia deploys more troops to border with Ukraine

Russian military convoy
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Russia is sending more troops to its western border within easy striking distance of Ukraine.

In the Rostov region and the Crimea have spotted deployment of military equipment convoy of the Russian Armed Forces. The armored combat vehicles, artillery cannons, electronic warfare vehicles and trucks are moving to the Russia-Ukraine border.

Earlier it was reported that heavy fighting in Ukraine began over the weekend. The fighting near Avdiivka in Ukraine has marked the most tumultuous period in the War in the Donbas since the February 2015 battle in Debaltseve.

The Ukrainian government and the pro-Russian militants have blamed each other for the eruption of hostilities, the worst in months. Both sides have moved heavy artillery, rockets and tanks close to the front line in clear violation of a peace deal struck two years ago.

What sparked the recent escalation is unclear.